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We take pride in being a family-owned business where dedication and hard work are the influential factors to our success and professionalism.

Since 2004 with over 16 years of experience our incredible team is built on a framework of trust and understanding. We work with high integrity and are committed to providing you with the quality you will be satisfied with.

Our Services

Flooring Land Store Katy, Pearland TX


Due to our exceptionally trained and certified personnel, our service and diligent work ethic are unbeatable. Our easily installable floors are manufactured in the United States and are designed and skillfully installed to sustain longevity.

The labor we provide is quick, clean, and professional coupled with our unmatched customer service to ensure we make it right the first time.


Our Work is the Best! we are here to serve you the best and the Updated work with a lot of hard work

Flooring Land Store Katy, Pearland TX

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