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When drywall came to be used widely, Before using it Widely, building interior or internal walls were made of masonry with plasters. For hundreds of years, walls and ceilings were constructed by placing layers of wet plaster over a large number of wood strips (called laths) or Stonemasonry. For quality results just visit once to our Dry Walls Flooring stores in Pearland TX!

The wet plaster mortar would eventually be very hard to form walls, but the installation and repair process was both time-consuming and difficult to do it well. Because of that, creating a plaster wall required several coats to be applied, with a long drying time between each coat.

In addition to its extended installation period, plaster application was quite labor-intensive, that is it requires skilled craftsmen to labor over a small area of a wall for weeks till the end or till completion. We(Flooring Land Stores) are here to serve better quality to you with lots of pleasure and Lots of Experience in Drywalls!

Tough Plaster Works

Here walls that would take weeks to create with plaster could be finished in a couple of days by using drywall and would last longer and that too at less Expensive to build in certain countries. Damaged drywall can be patched up more quickly and easily than plasters. Also, it has a greater level of fire resistance and uniformly finished surface, linear and leveled.

Types of Dry-Walls

Regular Drywall

Type “X” or “Perlite”

Impact Resistant Drywall

Moisture Resistant (Green Board)

Sound Board (Quiet Rock)

Lead-Lined Drywall

Flexible Drywall

Blue Board.

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Dry Walls Pearland TX

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