Granite and Quartz

Granite and Quartz


Granet Quartz Katy Texas

Granite and Quartz

Granite and Quartz are usually used in making bathroom designing by using it we can make our bathroom look Luxury, lavish Granite has poor primary permeability but strong secondary permeability. We  (Granet quartz Katy texas) have all types of Granite for the Kitchen, Bathrooms, Flooring, and also Stairs. There are 3 different levels of granite.


A low-grade granite slab is a thinner cut, usually about 3/8 inch. It usually requires a piece of plywood backing for more strength… This low-grade granite is usually imported from China and sold through granite liquidators, big box stores, or cut into tile we have lots of varieties at our place Flooring land store Texas.


Level-2 mid-grade-granite has an average thickness of 3/4 inch. The designs and colors look a little more unique than level 1. There is more variety of markings. It is generally imported from India or Brazil. Granet  quartz Katy texas



High-grade granite is usually one of the finest quality, it is due to the rarely (availability) of its appearances and the sources. There are more levels in Quartz, with lots of designs. We have all types of Granite & Quartz with all three Levels of granites.

The grade of the granite slab can be determined by colors, veins, pitting, marking, thickness, the number of soft materials it has, and the country where it was quarried. We have a great experienced team when they give the estimation you can give what you want. By that we can provide you the best granite whatever the level is, we will give you our best.

Let the professionals at Flooring Land store Katy Texas handle your Granite and Quartz needs.

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Granet Quartz Katy Texas


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Granet Quartz Katy Texas

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