Wall Tile
There is no difference in the appearance of ceramic and porcelain wall tile vs floor tile, but stylistically, it is general practice for wall tiles to be relatively small in comparison to floor tiles. Because of its visible nature and the difficulty of installing wall tile on a vertical surface, wall tile tends to be smaller and more lightweight. As an example of these sizing guidelines, an 18-inch square floor tile usually will not work on walls, as it would look  overpowering. For best Results visit Mosaics Flooring Store in Katy.

Floor Tile

Consumer-level floor tile can range up to 18 x 18-inch square sizes. With the popularity of super-large format tile, large sizes are common. The one exception is when floors are tiles with mosaic sheets—small tiles that are bonded to sheets of mesh backing. Classic 1-inch hexagonal mosaics have long been installed on bathroom floors

Durability and Maintenance

Both wall and floor tiles have the same maintenance profile. The tiles can be cleaned with simple soap and water. Grout between tiles should be kept clean and may need to be replaced every few years if it cracks or becomes discolored.
Both floor tiles and wall tiles are installed using similar processes. First, an underlayment of cement backer board is installed against the sub floor or wall studs. The tiles are adhered to the backer board using thin-set adhesives applied with a notched trowel. Once dry, the joints between tiles are filled with a paste-like, mortar-based grout, which is sealed once it dries and hardens. Texas best bathroom Designers are here. we do our best to make you happy.

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